About us

We have specialised in road cycling. No matter what material: titanium, aluminium & carbon… the racing bike has been our passion for over 15 years. It fascinates us and of course also what you can experience with it. We are happy to advise customers personally in order to fulfil their wishes and assemble the perfect road bike for them. Handmade by Road Relations and guaranteed unique.

For more than 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves completely to our passion and specialised in road cycling. It does not matter whether it is a titanium or aluminium & carbon bike. We ourselves are fascinated racing cyclists and push this passion not only in our free time.

We incorporate our own many years of knowledge at a professional, practical level into each individual customer consultation and combine it with theoretical expertise. We follow this approach in order to better understand the requirements of our clients and to offer professional solutions accordingly. We are happy to advise you personally.

Of course, all our racing bikes are assembled for you by hand and with a lot of heart.

We look forward to your visit and will of course be happy to provide you with long-term and satisfactory support.

Your RoadRelations-team

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